If you’re here to investigate my writing qualifications: In 2015 I wrote a piece for the New York Times about my work as a bike courier in New York City. In 2018 Carmen Maria Machado selected my short story, The Novice, as a runner-up in Fugue Journal’s annual prose contest. You can find a complete list of my published work on the portfolio page.

If you’re here to investigate my life: welcome. I like to think of this as a blog on the brink: somewhere between professional and private; serious and fun. There is no theme to what I write, except that it has stolen my attention. I started this blog in January 2012 and the archives are unwieldy. Previous topics include bikes, books, travel, lakes, kefir, California, Spain, New York City. But you don’t have to know about those things. We meet in the middle just like we meet in real life.