some ideas


In the middle of a yoga class the other day I found a piece of glitter on my foot. For a second I was confused about how it got there, but then I remembered: I made a sign for a coworker that had glitter on it and put it in my bike bag. Then next […]


I’ve been sleeping on couches recently. Family couches and friend couches. Usually someone offers me a bed or an inflatable mattress at least. But still I choose the couch. I like the chance, when I get it, to fall asleep in the middle of something. I like falling asleep to the gentle voices of other […]

Sleep patterns

I am not a back sleeper but for two months I slept like a corpse. On my back, arms crossed. If I needed to change things up maybe I would cross my legs at the ankles. It came surprisingly naturally to me. Maybe because I was so tired or maybe because we somehow find a […]

Pain scale

The doctors want to know: what’s your pain on a scale of one to ten? So you try to calibrate your scale. Nine and ten are unspeakable. Seven and eight, numbers you might actually use if you felt like you were dying. Like the time you got mono and strep at the same time in […]


I asked a lot of questions at my first post-op. Can I hike? Can I swim? Can I ride my bike inside? The answers: sure, tentatively yes, actually I would just wait. No bikes, no scooters, no skateboarding. (I’m flattered that I look like someone who skateboards.) Let your scar fully heal. Just don’t fall. […]

Dream deferred

When I lived in Spain I taught English lessons to one of the French teachers, Javier, and his son Yann. The lessons happened at their kitchen table, at which Yann truly struggled to remain seated for the whole thirty minutes. When Yann left Javier and I would usually just chat in English. I learned a […]