Good choices

When I first moved to New York City people put me in touch with a lot of writers because I wanted to write. (Writing is kind of a funny thing to network because to be a writer you just have to write but anyway) I went. One of these writers was a woman who had […]

Hate it here

You just finished reading your emails and all you know is some poor customer service rep at Denver Health is going to get an earful on their first day back from the holidays. Your fourth surprise medical bill this year will bring your total to $600 for three well visits. You thought well visits were […]


My mom texted me a few days ago telling me to buy a lottery ticket because the jackpot was up to a billion. Well, I forgot. But the next day I saw an NPR headline that no one had won so now it is 1.2 billion. Yesterday on a break from work I went to […]


The other night I stayed at the shop past close. Storefront lights were off, music was on, I sat at the bench watching night quickly take over the sky, loosening the spokes on my new wheel, one at a time. That morning I had been showing off my work–look at these shiny new wheels I […]

Jars part 2

Last week I wanted chips and salsa. This is not my regular snack and I was pretty excited about this new fun thing I got at the grocery store. But when it was time to open it at home the lid wouldn’t budge. I gave it everything I had, so much that my arms were […]

Water bound

I had a dream last night that we visited an archipelago. We traveled from island to island through aqueous passageways. I rowed a boat and you swam alongside me. (When I woke up and remembered this it made me laugh because why wouldn’t we have shared the boat? But in my dream–typical dream–the strange did […]