I got to the campsite earlier than usual. I pulled my bike up to the check-in window. I didn’t see anyone inside the booth but the lights were on so I knocked on the window. Nothing happened, but I heard people talking. I walked around to the other side where I found two men wearing […]


Two Sundays ago I road from Cambridge, New York to Lake George, New York. If you live anywhere in eastern New York State perhaps you remember that day: it rained. It sprinkled then it spit then it rained then it poured then it rained again. During the pouring stage I was somewhere near Glens Falls […]

Woman vs woman

At some point during college I went to a guest lecture about writing. I don’t remember the lecturer except that he was old and white (which is allowed). I do remember when he said something like, “Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat, Pray, Love…now that’s not what I’m talking about when I talk about good writing.” I had just read Eat, […]