I went to a yoga class today and at the part of class where we say namaste I caught myself saying Amen. I blame it on the teacher’s voice which was low and poetically inclined. And when he spoke at the end I started spacing out a little and what I heard in my head […]

What New York, start-up culture, and my bike have to do with each other

It’s a building in SoHo. I take the elevator to the sixth floor. As soon as it opens I felt exposed. The elevator opens right into the “start-up” office. It’s just what you think it is–there are long tables speckled with people on laptops. There’s a small cafe/breakroom and someone who appears to be a […]

Buen provecho, gente

Bueno provecho means bon appetit.  (Funny how I translate something to English and it ends up in French.) But the phrase buen provecho cannot be explained so easily.  But it’s much more than a phrase.  It’s a cultural mindset.  Saying buen provecho to someone when they are eating is the equivalent of saying bless you […]