How to belong

Last week I was walking through the greeting card aisle in my local Rite Aid when a man stopped me and asked me if I spoke Polish. He needed help understanding one of the greeting cards written in English. (I don’t speak Polish.) This happens more than you might think. Or really, what usually happens […]


At 3am on Wednesday morning when I was going on five hours of sleep and had just learned that Trump would be our next president, my mind went to some pretty dark places. Economic collapse, deterioration of foreign relations, a wall that won’t let people in, people so desperate to get out that Mexico won’t […]


I got to the campsite earlier than usual. I pulled my bike up to the check-in window. I didn’t see anyone inside the booth but the lights were on so I knocked on the window. Nothing happened, but I heard people talking. I walked around to the other side where I found two men wearing […]