So…Memphis is the shit

So a few days before I left for Memphis last week I had a conversation with an acquaintance that went something like this:

Her: So where are you going?

Me: Memphis.

Her: Memphis… ewwww…

Me: What’s wrong with Memphis?

Her: There’s just nothing there.

Me: Well I’m staying with a friend so if it’s really boring we’ll just drink vodka.

Well, now that I’m back from Memphis I have a new response for my acquaintance: Memphis is the SHIT.  And here’s why:

1. Mollie Fontaine’s is the best house party you’ve ever been to.  It’s a bar inside an old victorian house on Adams Avenue where they also play electronic house music on some nights. 

Fancy lights and old staircases.
Fancy lights and old staircases.

2. Ducks.  At the Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis there are some ducks that swim in the fountain in the lobby.  And at 5pm everyday they take the elevator up to their little home on the top floor.  There is a man who literally marches the ducks from the fountain to the elevator.  I did not realize until that moment how adorable ducks can be.

They even get a red carpet.
They even get a red carpet.

3. Sun Studio, where the entrance to the museum is actually a coffee shop, so don’t get confused.  This is the place where Elvis was discovered and where Johnny Cash recorded (and where bands still record today).  The tour guides are wonderful and the history is fantastic.  Not to be skipped.

Look, you can see me in the reflection. Hah.
Look, you can see me in the reflection. Hah.

4. History.  This city is teeming with history.  You can feel it.  Memphis lies on the Mississippi River so it as been a central part of U.S. History for hundreds of years.  A little north of downtown the quirky museum Slave Haven (which is located in an underground railroad house) relates the slave experience in Memphis.  The city also holds its place in recent history.  Dr. Martin Luther King was shot and killed at the Lorraine Hotel near downtown Memphis.  The building has been converted into a Civil Rights Museum and you can walk out on the balcony where MLK was shot.

5. Vegan Creole restaurants.  So my friend Emily and I checked out this restaurant called DeJaVu that was a bit off the beaten track (936 Florida St.).  The food was delish.  But this restaurant also kind of encompasses what Memphis was to me: a little bit hipster with a lot of southern style.

So ya’ll better stop dissin’ Memphis.

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