Seattle: city of water

I have never seen a city so inspired by water. There’s Venice and Amsterdam, which perhaps are ruled by water, but not inspired by it. (As a disclaimer, I am here in July, the weather is heavenly, and somehow I know all the right people.)

Seattle meets the Puget Sound on one side and Lake Union and Lake Washington on the other. Where can you go that you will forget about the water? Not the beaches in West Seattle or the hills in Queen Anne. Not the fishy smelling market. There is no road going north or west that won’t take you over Seattle’s bodies of water.

The water is a gathering place. On sunny days the waterfronts are crowded with people. The lake fills up with water pleasure seekers: sailors, kayakers and supbers. Even the chilly evening winds aren’t enough to make them leave. But it’s not just about fun, it’s about necessity, too. Ferries and freighters crisscross paths all over the sound bringing and taking people and things from the city.

I have never seen a city so captivated by it’s water sources. It’s humbling. And a great start to my adventure.

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