Washington’s ghost mountain

Washington’s mountain gem is Mount Rainier. It is a massive 14,411 foot volcano visible from Seattle, and many other Washington cities, on a clear day. What makes it especially spectacular is that it towers over the rest of the Cascades range, so much so, that sometimes it just looks like a huge lone mountain.

I enjoyed seeing Mt. Rainier in its many forms during my week stay in Seattle. When I left I quickly forgot it. And then, a few days ago biking highway 101 from Hoodsport to Shelton, all the sudden there it was on the horizon–a beast of a snow-topped mountain. I got out my camera to take a picture of it, as I had many times in Seattle, with the same result–on my camera I see no mountain.

Maybe my camera isn’t that great, but it’s not that bad either. Just proof, I suppose, that cameras can’t get everything.

20140717-171518-62118653.jpgIt’s there–I SWEAR.


  1. Anne, you do meet the nicest people traveling. Inspired by you I am experiencing various modes of travel in 24 hours. i am on amtrak to Sedalia, MO niw, but let me start from the beginning. Yesterday pm I Walked to the van in Burlington, VT (beautiful town) van to airport, plane to DC. ( got to sit next to a smart young lady from the Pew Foundation). Flight to KC ( got to sit next to a KC Blazer dad-Steve W. The nicest guy in the world-who gave me a ride home.) this am I biked to amtrak station, amtrak to Sedalia, bike from there to Gravois, to get picked up by mom and nick in the boat for final leg to lakehouse. Actually, i think I may jump into water and swim the last 25 yards. You inspire me. Love, Dad

  2. I feel like this often happens to me when I try to take photos of certain things. It’s rare to be able to capture a sunset and have it be as beautiful as it was, or the sparkle of water.

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