Oregon Country

Many people bike the Pacific Coast. Some start in Vancouver, some start in Seattle. Some travel along the Puget Sound, others go through the Olympic Forest. But (mostly) all of us end up on the beautiful Oregon coast. Things were different when I got to Oregon. The hills and the ocean met with stunning effects, of course. But Oregon was more than that. It was $5 camping, free showers, hiker/biker sites full of tents, s’mores, drinks, and storytelling.

Really, I can’t get over Oregon. Everyone here knows someone who has biked the West Coast (if they haven’t done it themselves) and even the small town grocery store has kale and whole milk yogurt.

20140726-172214-62534810.jpgOregon loves their bikers–routes are well marked. Ask for a state cycling map at any city’s tourist office.

20140726-172415-62655992.jpgLeaving Tillamook, Oregon.

20140726-172446-62686109.jpgFog lifts from Cape Perpetua.

20140726-172536-62736725.jpgAlmost to California.

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