How to find the best Thai food in Fort Bragg, California

First off, you may decide to do laundry in Fort Bragg, since it is the largest town on Highway 1 between the start of the highway and San Francisco. If so, go to Lucy’s Laundromat on the southeast corner of Oak and Highway 1. The guy who works here will give you good directions on how to get to the town’s best (and only) Thai restaurant.

From the city center go south on Highway 1. Go over two bridges. Go past the McDonalds. Go through the roundabout and keep going straight.

When it looks like the city has ended and you think you have gone too far–keep going.

Do not turn around. Do not ask the lady in the unnamed gas station on the roundabout for directions. She will tell you to go north. The Thai restaurant is not north of the roundabout.

Once you figure this out and continue going south you will see a sign for the Pine Beach Inn on the right (west side)–go there. The Thai restaurant is adjacent.

20140804-111646-40606422.jpgAustin from Austin eating the best Thai food ever.


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