Things you find in the snow

Williamsburg snow
It was pretty for about four and a half hours.

In Brooklyn it’s been above freezing for three days in a row now. Well above freezing; it’s in the 40s, and 50s even. There’s still snow on the ground. It’s taking its sweet time.

Watching the snow melt is kind of like going back in time. After the first layer peels off you find those coins that you spilled outside the deli. The next layer comes off and you find a hat–someone must have lost it during the fourth snow. A few days later empty coke bottles expose themselves. Then a sock. This is where it gets confusing; is the sock from three weeks ago, or four? It looks faintly like one of your socks, that you have, in fact, been missing for a while now. Could this be it?

melting snow NYC
Oh yeah: it must have been about three weeks ago when I tried to floss my teeth at the bus stop.

And we haven’t even gotten to the final layer, yet.


  1. I saw those white things in the picture and thought, “someone lost a lot of little antlers…….uhhh? surely those aren’t those little flossy forks my 92 year old mother…..Yip!” Ha ha ha! And just for the record….in Branson, MO a couple of weeks ago, I found a one dollar bill in the snow! It was really clean with the melting going on!

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