Picking up chicks and narrowly escaping death at Coney Island

So there’s this movie–that I actually have not seen… but I saw a preview for it once on accident. I was watching something on youtube and it automatically played the next thing, which was this trailer. Zach Galifianakis is talking to Keir Gilchrist in a hospital. Zach says,

“Why are you in an ER at 5 o’clock on a Sunday morning?”

Keir says, “A lot going on in my…in my mind lately… And this summer school application–”

Zach says, “Why would you want to be in school in the summer? You should be at Coney Island bird doggin’ chicks.”

Coney Island
Coney Island boardwalk

And that’s what I thought about the entire time I was at Coney Island last week: we shouldn’t be in school! We should be bird doggin’ chicks at Coney Island!

Well, we didn’t pick up any chicks, but we did do a lot of other stuff. We rode the Cyclone–which is not only a roller coaster but also a place on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in June 1927, making it one of the oldest roller coasters in the county. I thought it was gonna be kind of dull just because it was so old, but it was pretty powerful stuff. I got a little nervous going around each bend that the cars were going to come right off the tracks.

The Cyclone
Waiting for takeoff on the Cyclone.

After only just narrowly escaping our deaths on the Cyclone, we ate hotdogs at Nathan’s–host of the famous hot dog eating contests–and hung out on the beach until chilly winds forced us into retreat. But watch out for us next time, Coney Island. We’ll be back.

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