I believe in a world without borders

I used to think that wishing for a world without borders was pointless. I thought: there are too many. The economy based on them is too big. It is not a goal that is achievable in my lifetime.

But in Emergent Strategy, a book about community organizing, Adrienne Maree Brown convinces me otherwise. She writes, “We are in an imagination battle.” The first step is being able to conceive of a particular future. The second step is having a community that shares that same idea for the future.

So this is me in an imagination battle for a borderless world.




  1. I was in Berlin right after the wall came down and it was awesome. I was pretty taken away by the whole thing. Yes. No borders. But also maybe see them as porous membranes? Opportunities to meet, concentrate and form new things where things that are different come together?

    1. I like what you brought up about the Berlin Wall! It’s true–I’ve also had some moving and memorable experiences at borders.

  2. You are such a deep thinker. I know you were right when you said that you probably read most of the things I suggest to you before I suggest them, ;), but I still think of you first when I stumble upon something interesting. Have you heard of Charles Einstein and his book The Ascent of Humanity? Both Richard Rohr and Kelly Brogan have mentioned him in their recent posts, so I feel like I should read him, or even better, you should read him and blog about him for the rest of us!

    Xoxo, Mom

    1. Intermittently. Mostly I’m reading about how Brits are planning on keeping Trump up all night while he stays in London. I hope they are successful.

  3. I don’t think he sleeps much any way. He’s probably enjoying the attention unfortunately.

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