Water bound

I had a dream last night that we visited an archipelago. We traveled from island to island through aqueous passageways. I rowed a boat and you swam alongside me. (When I woke up and remembered this it made me laugh because why wouldn’t we have shared the boat? But in my dream–typical dream–the strange did not phase me.) You seemed very comfortable in the water. Swimming from island to island didn’t make you tired and we carried on conversations the whole way.

We visited many islands. There were lots of other people there, all traveling by boat. Some of my friends were there and some of yours. When it started to get dark we headed home. Except I lost you on the way and you texted me to say that you ended up on an island that wasn’t on the map. I took my boat out in the dark to look for you, but you and your lost island were nowhere to be found.

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