Cosmic events

On Friday it broke seventy degrees outside. I left the house with a jacket on but I took it off within one block of walking. Already Walgreens was out of toilet paper and the line at the grocery store wound its way through the produce section all of the way to the front door. On […]

Happy 2020

May you live in interesting times.* *This phrase is sometimes referred to as the “Chinese curse” but actually there is no evidence of it being Chinese or proverbial. The first recorded use of the phrase came from a British statesman by way of an American congressman in the 1930s.* *I learned all of this from […]


I went to a yoga class today and at the part of class where we say namaste I caught myself saying Amen. I blame it on the teacher’s voice which was low and poetically inclined. And when he spoke at the end I started spacing out a little and what I heard in my head […]