Telling a story: day 22

“All of [the transformative movements from the past] understood that the process of shifting cultural values–though somewhat ephemeral and difficult to quantify–was central to their work. And so they dreamed in public, showed humanity a better version of itself, modeled different values in their own behavior, and in the process liberated the political imagination and rapidly altered the sense of what was possible. They were also unafraid of the language of morality–to give the pragmatic, cost-benefit arguments a rest and speak of right and wrong, of love and indignation.”
–Naomi Klein from This Changes Everything

One of my favorite public dreamers is @adriennemareebrown, author of Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism. Throughout quarantine she is giving thought-provoking journal prompts on Instagram. So when this is over we’ll all be ready to dream in public.

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