Happy day to mothers, women, grown daughters (yes that’s me, sorry for making this holiday about me)

I think there should be a word for when a woman reaches the age at which her mother birthed her. Some ideas: Mumday. Momage. Maternal return. Materological age. Matriarchable. (omg please help.) To be that age is to live in a palindrome, time folded in half, where stories are told backwards and forwards from the […]

Bye bye Amazon

This year I considered making a New Year’s Resolution to not shop at Amazon anymore. But that failed pretty quickly. It’s just that they have all of the obscure books and all of the obscure homeopathic remedies (yes those are basically the two categories of things that I buy on Amazon). Actually, first I considered […]

A fight with time

In school there were always those kids that did their homework in the car on the way home. Or during passing periods. Or in class even. Well I was not that kid. It haunts me still. Now that I have slightly overcommitted myself. With the jobs and the writing projects. And every day I feel […]

Church bells

A few weeks ago I spent the night at a convent in East Harlem. The nuns gave me a room on the third floor with a twin bed and a wardrobe and one high window and because of the angle all I could see outside was the sky and part of a church rooftop. It […]