Magical thinking

On Saturday night it appealed to me to sit at a restaurant bar by myself. It offered me everything that I wanted which was: an excuse to shower and put on something other than the sweat- and grease-stained shirts that I’d worn for 50+ hours this week, a place to sit near people but without […]


A María David, bárbara del desierto, que mantuvo la fe cuando otros la perdían. I like this dedication. I like the name María David. For a long time and still and in many places (including the US) women’s names are qualified by men’s names to equate possession or belonging. I don’t like that. But I […]

The year of books

2017. Sorry I’m still talking about it. But what I really want to talk about in terms of 2017 is that I read a lot of books. Thirty-five, in fact, which is the most I’ve ever read in a year and I’d like to congratulate myself. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging but, I don’t […]

“Time is a Goon”

Recently I read a book that I really really liked: A Visit From the Goon Squad.  The characters are dynamic (and many).  The story is enthralling.  But then, it’s not too hard to find enthralling stories with dynamic characters these days. What Egan does uniquely well in Goon Squad was create a cohesive picture of one person’s life.  Egan uses the usual storytelling […]

Why I love my liberal arts education and I’m not scared of being unemployed

It snowed today! This doesn’t really apply to this blog post, but I spent a lot of time trying to rewrite the html so that the pictures would be right beside each other instead of vertical (it was kind of hard!) plus snow is pretty.  So I don’t want to delete them.  Also it one example of what I […]