Money part 2

There is a man who lives in Brunswick Maine named Mitt. He works at a diner there. And sometimes he gives out free breakfast and coffee to people on long bike tours. Mitt rides his bike a lot, too. Once he rode it across the country and he says it’s the best thing he ever […]

Money part 1

I was on my way into a Rite Aid when I saw the woman begging on the sidewalk near the door. Honestly I wouldn’t have stopped except there was a backlog to get into the Rite Aid and while I waited the begging woman started talking to me. Could I get her something to eat? […]


I love coffee. I love that it is warm. I love that it is bitter because it forces me to really taste it, not like sweet things which I don’t really taste I just stuff my face while trying to figure out where and how I will get my next sweet thing. I like black […]