Past life

I miss my old life. I miss my friends. I miss the regulars at Sunday night yoga–how we would all help the teacher close down the studio after the last class and linger chatting at the door. I miss my writing class in the LES studio apartment with a drafty window. I miss the bike […]

Day 19: routine

Now that I’ve finally started sleeping properly again I have fallen into what you could call…a routine. 6:30am wake up naturally, lie in bed for 15-30 minutes7am check news7:15am brush teeth wash hands drink water meditate (lol)7:45am clean any leftover dishes from last night heat water for tea sit in windowsill8:15am eat two brownies wash […]

Day 7: lockdown

I called the yarn store in Greenpoint to see if they’re open on this last day that non-essential businesses can be open. They are. I’m going. And if when I get there I find that there is a run on yarn I’m going to be PISSED BECAUSE I KNOW Y’ALL DIDN’T START KNITTING SINCE YESTERDAY […]