Day 19: routine

Now that I’ve finally started sleeping properly again I have fallen into what you could call…a routine.

6:30am wake up naturally, lie in bed for 15-30 minutes
7am check news
7:15am brush teeth wash hands drink water meditate (lol)
7:45am clean any leftover dishes from last night heat water for tea sit in windowsill
8:15am eat two brownies wash hands
9am retire to room with two full thermoses of hot tea inefficiently write read answer emails wash hands
12pm sit outside on fire escape if weather is good if not cry silently in bed check news
1pm watch movie knit check news
3pm eat lunch more brownies check news
4pm attempt to write usually fail check instagram
7pm feel tired tempted to sleep but instead talk to someone on the phone
9pm read until I can’t keep my eyes open

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