Good choices

When I first moved to New York City people put me in touch with a lot of writers because I wanted to write. (Writing is kind of a funny thing to network because to be a writer you just have to write but anyway) I went. One of these writers was a woman who had […]


This year S was my best friend. I’ve had many best friends in New York City and most of them are still good friends. But the “best” part–or whoever’s number gets written down in the emergency contact space–is about timing; whoever happens to be circling with you in the eddy of New York City. It’s […]


I took an intro to creative writing class with Sidney Offit a few years ago. He gave us an assignment. “Write the first chapter of the story of your life.” A student asked, “Does it have to be real?” Sidney shrugged. “You are all characters to me.” There is: a man on the first floor […]