This version of you is my favorite version

In the park I practiced handstands against a tree. People passed by with their signs, Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police, on their way to the protest. Someone in a full Spiderman costume asked if I could teach him how to do handstands. At the vigil people handed out candles and neighbors gave each other light. On my bike ride home I watched a firework go off in the middle of the street. It shot up over the top of the four-story buildings and rained little bits of fire on the parked cars. All the way through Brooklyn, fireworks splashed color just over the rooftops. People laughed and yelled. Three skateboarders came at me going the wrong way in the bike lane. Tea lights hung from the ceiling of an open garage unit where people gathered to eat.

All the tourists are gone and it’s just us now and this is how I will always remember you.

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