Hate it here

You just finished reading your emails and all you know is some poor customer service rep at Denver Health is going to get an earful on their first day back from the holidays. Your fourth surprise medical bill this year will bring your total to $600 for three well visits. You thought well visits were […]

R v W

I’ve felt like I can’t write about anything until I write about this. But I also can’t write about this. So no writing for me, it seems. It’s not like this is any excuse, you know, but I was already mad. I was already mad about the kids getting killed at schools and people getting […]

Time off

What makes the difference between a trip and an adventure? It is the length of the journey? Or the space between you and home? Are adventures built from no cell phone reception? Or from sleeping on the ground? Or from not knowing what’s next? From being lost–or at least feeling lost? I went away last […]