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  1. I was voter number two at my ED. We had a line about a third of a block long before 6AM. It was pretty incredible. Seeing grim faced people walking in the rain heading to the polls was inspiring. Don’t even see this for the presidential elections. Still, I’m worried. I think you can infer how me and most of my neighbors are voting but New York is something of a bubble. You come from a place that’s more typically America. I hope your old neighbors feel like you do.

    The first election I worked on was McGovern v. Nixon. I was terribly heartbroken when Nixon won. He was a terrible person responsible for killing countless people in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Chile and other places I can’t even recall. The people who voted for him knew he was a liar. McGovern was a good man, but that might be exactly why they didn’t vote for him. It’s fair to say that the people who voted for Trump knew exactly who they were voting for.

    You might not think you are a bad person yourself when you vote, but when you vote for the guy backed by the neo-Nazis, the Confederates, the KKK and people who think that Sandy Hook was theater and George Soros is paying protestors then maybe you need a serious gut check.

    You hopefully have many more elections to go through than I do. I believe in you and your friends, classmates and generation and think you are going to do some great things. Glad to know you are confident.

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