R v W

I’ve felt like I can’t write about anything until I write about this. But I also can’t write about this. So no writing for me, it seems. It’s not like this is any excuse, you know, but I was already mad. I was already mad about the kids getting killed at schools and people getting […]

Wokesgiving part 2

Mom: There’s a typo in your blog. Me: I have like five hundred blog posts. Sometimes I make typos. Mom: Also the first Thanksgiving wasn’t in Virginia. Me: Well we were talking about Virginia last night I don’t know. That’s not really the point of the post. Mom: But as a writer that’s your job. […]


Mom: We shouldn’t even do thanksgiving anymore. The whole story is a lie. Do you know what really happened between the settlers and the Indians in Virginia? Me: You guys are pretty woke parents. Dad: What’s woke? Mom: AOC says the term woke is over. So Thanksgiving and woke are canceled this year but the […]


It’s a story that’s been told and a story that’s been lived: those in power pit the poor against the poor. We get distracted fighting over scraps and we forget that we’re actually in this together. Win or lose. Either we’re all about to get really good health care. Or we’re all about to be […]