R v W

I’ve felt like I can’t write about anything until I write about this.

But I also can’t write about this.

So no writing for me, it seems.

It’s not like this is any excuse, you know, but I was already mad. I was already mad about the kids getting killed at schools and people getting shot while shopping for groceries. I’m mad about the prison-industrial-complex. I’m mad about racism. I’m mad about climate change and forest fires and traffic on I-70. I’m mad that most of the time I feel like I’m not doing anything about any of these things that I’m mad about. I’m mad that I have to go to work. I’m mad that I always seem to need more money than I have in order to live in this world. I’m mad when people assume that everyone has weekends and nights off–not everyone has weekends and nights off! I’m mad that people don’t text me back. I’m mad that I overslept and we’re out of coffee. I’m mad that I spent an hour on the phone this morning trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment AND I STILL DON’T HAVE ONE THIS COUNTRY IS RIDICULOUS.

So I was already at peak mad and maybe I don’t have much left to give or maybe I’m just a white girl living in a blue state. But– people with uteri have been getting abortions since we became an evolved species and we will keep getting abortions until the end of time. Just like people will always cross borders no matter what you build to try to stop them. Forever and ever the state has attempted to shape those who live within it to its liking and forever and ever there have been people that refuse to conform. Chaotic good. Civil disobedience. So many titles for a tale as old as time. And all it is, is now we tell the story again.

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