Racism, Instagram, and me

“White women are the people I’m most scared of.” -a black woman artist

Well that was a hard one to swallow when I read it.

And I think that the fact that it was hard to swallow is where it holds truth.

I’ve spent a lot of my adulthood supporting (white) feminist causes. But instead of using feminism to advance the causes of POC and other marginalized groups, I’ve used it for the opposite–as a way to avoid examining my own internalized racism. And I think that’s why we (white women) are scary–racism combined with a deep well of denial, enabled by “feminism” itself.

Thank you to the friends and coworkers who recently put some articles on my desk and showed me who to follow on Instagram. The Instagram accounts I’ve been following have been a game changer because they are a daily reminder to consider my own internalized racism. Thanks to the black women who are doing amazing work sharing their experiences, teaching, and striving to ensure that feminism lives up to its name. I’m really only just starting to do the work.

Here are some people and articles worth checking out:

Layla Saad
Rachel Cargle
How to Spend Your Privilege
White America’s Age-Old Obsession with Civility
‘All I did was be black.’ It’s not just Smith College. America’s racism has no lone wolf.

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