On balance

These are how my summer days are going: in a nearby park in partial shade I teach kids how to ride bikes. Two, maybe three groups per day. I put sunscreen on everywhere but especially in the folds of my ears, the inside elbows, the backs of my hands. The kids on bikes: they’re pushing […]

Here’s one for the brothers and the sisters…

On Tuesdays I give a private lesson to two sisters, eleven and thirteen.  They’re both really sweet girls and hard workers.  And Miriam, the eleven-year-old, she’s got spunk.  She’s going places.  When she’s president of Spain, just remember, I called it. In our last lesson we practiced the future tense.  Each sister had to say […]

Sending students to the principal sucks almost as much as getting sent to the principal

Going to an all-girls private Catholic didn’t do much to prepare me to work at a public high school in the so-called Bronx of Madrid (see most recent post). A few weeks ago I was talking to another teaching assistant who also works at a high school in Madrid.  She was telling me about one […]