A letter to my students…

Dear students,

I wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to each one of you.  Me habría dado tanta pena, saying goodbye to each and everyone one of you.  Too much pena.  But there are a few things I would like to say to you…

Thank you for introducing me to David Bisbal, Paquito el Chocolatero, Amaral, and Xabi Alonso.  Thank you for teaching me the most valuable Spanish phrases–me cago en la leche; pelos revueltos; lentejas–si las quieres las comes, sino TAMBIEN las comes.

Remember when I asked you guys to get out pens and paper and you said, pero Anneeeee, estamos en crisis!  Haha, very clever.  You are smart and witty and your cleverness will serve you well.  If you can manage to use the crisis as an excuse to getting out of doing your homework, by all means, go for it.  But don’t use it as an excuse to get out of living your lives.

You can dance flamenco, play the guitar, and sing, and skate wonderfully.  Keep doing it.

Thank you for the flowers.  They are the most beautiful flowers I have ever received.  Even better than the edible arrangement that my dad got me for Valentine’s Day one year. In case you were wondering, an edible arrangement is a bunch of fruit cut into shapes that look like flowers–and it was pretty awesome.  But your flowers were awesomer (please note that the word awesomer is not actually correct grammar).

Thank you for making me feel loved when I was new in a new place.

Lastly, if you are as excited about life as you are about the phrase of the day, you’ll be more than fine.

Much love and best wishes,


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