I hate it when that happens: stepping in wet paint

This crosswalk is about three blocks from my apartment. It’s on Calle de Toledo, just south of Plaza Mayor (oh yeah, I’m back in Spain!).

Not only did someone walk in wet paint.  They walked in wet paint with no shoes on.  Can we stop and contemplate this for a second?

Seriously though.

Little kid maybe?  Or maybe it was summer and it was too hot to even imagine wearing any clothes… including shoes…  Or it was intentional.  Look how they walked ALL OVER the crosswalk barefoot.  This possibility makes me kind of sad though.  Unless it was the crosswalk painters who did it.  They were like, ANARCHY! or at least the next best option…  Whoever it was I think about him/her every time I walk across it.

Alright, thank you for indulging me, you may now go about your day.

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