Street art: Lavapiés

I live in Lavapiés.  It’s a neighborhood on the south side of Madrid.  Historically it has been a neighborhood of gypsies.  More recently it has become neighborhood of immigrants and hipsters (funny how those things tend to go together).  And it has some awesome street art.  Here are some of my finds.

Calle Embajadores.

Glorieta de Embajadores. This is right across from where I get on the metro.  Every.  Day.

Calle Juanelo.

Calle de la Esgrima.

Calle Embajadores.

Mesón de Paredes.

Calle Embajadores.

I don’t know…  I took this picture a few weeks after I got to Spain.  It’s somewhere in my neighborhood but I’m not sure where.  If you see it let me know!


    1. That’s my favorite one too. And it’s funny cause when you walk down the street it’s easy to just walk past it. It’s not screaming for attention. But when you stop and look at it it’s really beautiful.

    1. It’s nice to be caught off guard by something new and colorful in the street. But I think a lot of times people who live here–myself included–forget to stop and appreciate it. We get to used to walking by it all them time. But that’s why the blog is nice–it helps me see things differently sometimes.

      1. I totally agree 🙂 I also blog to help me appreciate everyday window panes in my area. Also, while traveling in Japan, I’ve learned how to appreciate the art of manhole covers. This post is a great reminder to see the extraordinary in the most ordinary of things — which is really an awesome way to see life 🙂

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