I spent a lot of last year not really on social media. And not really writing this blog. Which begs the question: where have I been? A few days ago an old friend told me to come visit them in Vermont, thinking that I was still nearby in New York City. And I realized that […]

To the poets

I spent a season in wonderment of composers of musicals. They have to know about so many things: writing music, the effects of different instruments, singing, choreography, storytelling. I went through a phase where I was jealous of visual artists. Because I felt like visual artists could do anything and get away with it. (Sorry […]

(Earth) resident

Today is my last day as a writer in residence in Nebraska City. I don’t want to go I love it here. I love getting up early to write. My favorite hours are the quiet ones when the light changes from grey to white. I’ve learned that at 7:40 every morning the school bus comes […]

Street art: Lavapiés

I live in Lavapiés.  It’s a neighborhood on the south side of Madrid.  Historically it has been a neighborhood of gypsies.  More recently it has become neighborhood of immigrants and hipsters (funny how those things tend to go together).  And it has some awesome street art.  Here are some of my finds. Calle Embajadores. Glorieta […]

The Reina Sofia: a good place to spend the night?

I have mixed feelings about museums.  I love the concept of public knowledge and art.  Brilliant.  But sometimes the environment is a bit stifling (read: museums are boring. also. awkward).  Everyone moves slowly.  Talks quietly.  Thinks intellectual thoughts.  Oh yes, I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of a world famous Velazquez painting…  I also enjoying wondering […]