Things that Bilbao and Kansas City have in common: part 2

Some friggin awesome art museums.

Kansas City Nelson Atkins Museum
The Beaux Art Building at night.

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is the long time pride and joy of Kansas City. The original Beaux Art building opened in 1933 with a modest collection of work that has grown significantly over the years. The permanent collection now includes plenty of impressive works ranging from Egyptian artifacts to modern work by Georgia O’Keefe. But what really makes the Nelson unique is its new Block Building that opened in 2007. The modern addition houses contemporary art and special exhibitions. But the cool part: the building lights up at night.

Bilbao Guggenheim
Now that is a sexy building.

Bilbao is home to the the Guggenheim Museum. Founded in 1997, it’s just a baby, but if you know anything about art museums, you’ve heard of it. The building itself is bold and sexy. So are the things inside. Richard Serra’s walk-through sculptures play with your perception. Video and light installations stimulate.

You might thing that the Guggenheim would win this one. It certainly has a bigger reputation. But because of the Nelson’s accessibility (it’s free all the time!) and its chillness, I’m giving them a tie. Here here, Kansas City!

Score for this round: Kansas City 1, Bilbao 1
Total: Kansas City 1.5, Bilbao 2

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