20 reasons why bicycles are the best way to travel

1. You never have to “fill up.”

2. Food never tasted so good.

3. Showers never made you feel so clean.

4. You never slept so well in a tent.

5. It never felt so good to dry off after getting drenched in the rain.

6. Your legs never hurt so much. And they’ve never been so strong.

7. Everything is slower, which means you’ll smell things like fresh chamomile.

8. Also it means that you will meet more people.

9. If you bike along a coast, it will teach you to swim in cold water. You can’t look at the ocean for so many days in a row and not swim in it. You just can’t.

10. You’ll be sweaty and smelly most of the time, but people will see your bike and judge you less for it.

11. Omg food.

12. You always have a good excuse to just stop and sit and look around.

13. Biking selfies. Just make sure there are no cars around. We don’t want any accidents.

bike selfie bike selfie bike selfie bike selfie

14. The sun and the wind.

15. You’ll learn how to fix a flat. Probably.

16.Packing up your panniers every morning when it’s damp and dewy outside.

17. A sense of camaraderie with your bike. Just don’t start talking to it.

18. Omg showers.

19. Bruises on the back of your calves. Sunburn on your thighs.

20. A sense of accomplishment every day. Except you’ll be sad you’re done. You might cry. Or make excuses to keep going.

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  1. SO PROUD OF YOU FOR BLOGGING! and “A sense of camaraderie with your bike. Just don’t start talking to it.” – what’s wrong with talking to your bike? My bike’s name is Bici. (pronounced Spanishly)

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