The Ozarks: more beautiful than it gets credit for

Buffalo National River
Buffalo National River, Arkansas

Sometimes I gripe about Kansas City’s lack of lack of scenic outdoor activities. The Rockies are too far. So are the Appalachians. We have no ocean. Our river is pretty dirty. I never see anyone doing anything in it.

And then I drive a few hours to the Ozarks and I remember, god this is gorgeous. Mist rises off of the green hills in the mornings and you might get confused because for a second it looks like Central American and Spain and other places that aren’t in Arkansas. The Ozarks’ reputation doesn’t compare to other natural oasis in the United States. In fact, from what I can tell, the area is famous for its hicks and meth (a la Winter’s Bone) and its ridiculous Lake of the Ozarks parties. Maybe true. But god it is gorgeous.

The Ozarks cover much of southern Missouri and it’s home to the Boston Mountains (Mountains!!!) in Arkansas. There are mountains, canyons, and swimmer-friendly rivers just a few hours from my house! I forget so quickly.

horseshoe canyon
Horseshoe canyon, near Ponca, Arkansas. That yellow thing is my tent. Best tent ever.
Horseshoe canyon
Horseshoe Canyon climbing, The North 40.

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