Dear Kansas City Drivers

I think you guys get a hard time from some of the cyclists in Kansas City. But the truth is: you guys are the shit. My Kansas City cycling experience varies from sunny day cycling to the depths of winter cycling. I’ve covered ground from 130th street in Shawnee to just north of the river and from Troost to Antioch.

And really, you guys are awesome. You brake for me and give me space. If I make a left turn signal and you’re in the left lane you honk (lightly) to let me know. When you have no way to get around me, you are patient. You (almost) never harass me with yelling and horns.

A few times I was at a four-way stop where you had the right-of-way, and you waved me on. I shook my head at you for not following the rules. Well, I want to say, I’m sorry for shaking my head at you; thank you for letting me through first. You didn’t have to, but you did it because you are nice.


Thanks for sharing the road!
Thanks for sharing the road!

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