Hot in New York City

This summer in New York City is hotter than last summer. I know this because sometimes I walk into our apartment and I think, it is too hot in here. And because some nights I’ve slept on top of all of my bedding. And because I turn my fan up as high as it can go. And because I occasionally get headaches from being dehydrated. Whenever this happens I’ll drink three tall glasses of water and it helps. Last summer I did not have an AC but I don’t remember it ever being a problem. This summer it is a little bit of a problem.

You are probably thinking, why don’t I just go buy an AC? Well, there are many reasons. First, the process of buying an AC means going to Home Depot or some other kind of home improvement store. I will have to take the train or bus or some combination of the two. Then I will need to get a cab back to my apartment since I cannot carry an AC on my bike. This whole process is incredibly unappealing to me. It is hot this summer, but it is not so hot that I have to make a special trip to Home Depot.

Second, I like it when it’s hot outside. When I was a teenager I remember looking forward to the time of year when we could open the windows in our house. I liked to sit by my open window and read. My window looked out on the front yard where there were two big trees. The trees were bigger than any tree on my block right now. The time of year when we left the windows open last for a few weeks maybe. And then it got to the time of year when we closed the windows and turned on the AC. But I liked my open windows so much I petitioned to be allowed to keep the windows in my room open. My parents let me keep my windows open, but I had to have my bedroom door shut and the AC vent closed in my room. Walking into my room was like walking into a jungle. It got so humid in there your hair would begin to curl immediately. (This was only allowed for a few days and then I would have to keep my windows shut for the rest of the summer.)

And this is why I love New York City. I keep my window open all summer long. On Friday night I rode my bike from Crown Heights to Ridgewood. It was very hot and I was sweating even though it was already dark outside. I took Jefferson most of the way. On one block there were a few fire hydrants that sprayed arches of water into the street. The first one was swarmed by children. They used their hands and bodies to block the water. When cars came by the kids uncovered the water and let it spray the cars. These children were ruthless. The car in front of me got sprayed. I made eye contact with the kid who was in charge of covering the hydrant. The kids screamed. I screamed. The kid covered the hydrant. Another kid beckoned me forwards. I was scared. I didn’t trust them. But I went anyways. And guess what–I stayed dry. What great kids.

The next hydrant that I passed also sprayed out into the street. There were no kids to cover this one while I passed. But it didn’t matter. I was hot and it felt good and it only got my legs anyways.


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