I leave the light on for when I get home

Taking inspiration from a song, I have started thinking of my past and future selves as totally different people than my present self. Following this logic, I think about the things that I do for myself as things that I am doing for my future self (a different person). And I think about things that I have done as things done by my past self (a different person).

For example, in the morning I make my bed and wash the dishes. Ten hours later when I get home and find that the dishes are already clean and my bed has been made I think, oh look! Anne did the dishes and made the bed for me how sweet of her.

(I don’t leave the light on though that’s bad for the electric bill, but that’s the lyric from the song. It’s by the Overcoats.)


  1. Anne, I love this post! I have felt something similar. When I’m working, I often need to go back to research I’ve done or something I’ve written before. When I do this, I always know I can rely on the work I’ve done before, as if I know the other me, and trust her work completely! It’s a nice feeling.

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