Should I ride my bike to Maine?

There are obvious reasons to visit Maine by bike. They say it is beautiful. They say the water is cold.

But there are reasons not to go to Maine: It is frivolous to ride around on my bike all day. I’m getting too old for this. It used to be cool that I rode my bike everywhere but now it is just weird and kind of embarrassing. I think I spend too much time alone. A friend asked me to go to New Orleans with her maybe I should go to New Orleans.


  1. Too old? I’m not too sure about that. It seems to me you have a long way to go. My father in law is 86 and he still does his shopping by bike. Well, Ok, he’s in Europe. You are right I guess. In America that would be very unusual. As for too much time alone, yes, that was me, but now I’m almost never alone. Ever. In retrospect it was great to have all that time alone. I didn’t have a television for most of it, but listened to all the good radio programs on public radio and read a lot. I’d appreciate it for now, because when it is gone it is probably gone for good. Once you partner up, and for sure once you have kids, being alone becomes a luxury, just one you don’t know you have until you don’t have it anymore…

  2. What a nice job of packing! So many thoughts in such a small space.

    I agree with “them” – Maine’s beauty is penetrating. And cold: Businesses start boarding up Oct. 1. I could lobby that riding your bike around Maine is a natural fit. But maybe you could take a hybrid approach – take the train from NY to a coastal town, then travel in-state on your bike? Pointing to Acadia National Park and the village of Belfast. Bar Harbor for music and drinks.

    New Orleans is awesome, too.

    Do both? 🙂

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