Things I bring

photo 2
I tried to take one of those cool pictures where I lay out all of the stuff I’m taking and it fits in a perfect square but it didn’t really work out like that.

Tent. Sleeping pad. Sleeping bag. Tarp. Micro towel. Cup. Knife. Spork. (Sometimes I take more cooking supplies but I didn’t feel like it this time.) Keds. Tevas. Billed hat (actually ended up leaving that home). Beanie. Rain jacket. Zipper sweatshirt. Leggings. Two pairs of cycling shorts. One pair of non-cycling shorts. Three shirts. One tunic (for sleeping or non-bike activities). Two sports bras. Six pairs of underwear. One swimsuit. Five pairs of socks. Front and rear bike lights. Headlamp. Extra batteries. Headphones. Phone. Phone charger. Multi-tool. Tire levers. Two spare tubes. Chain lube. Two rags. Duct tape wrapped around a pen. Two pens (so yes three pens total pens are important to me). Notebook. Extra nuts and bolts for the bike. Sunglasses. Contacts. Soap. Shampoo (I used to not use shampoo but my hair’s been falling out so I’m trying new things). Toothpaste. Toothbrush. Floss. Nail-clippers. Chapstick with spf. Sunscreen. Bug spray. Bandaids. Really good lotion for my bum. Comb. Diva cup. Mouth guard. Handkerchief. Two water bottles. Bike pump. Bike lock. Hammock (a bit indulgent but yes). Peanut butter. Two apples. Nuts. Five energy bars. Tea. Handful of vitamins. Helmet. Cycling cap. Three books. Passport (you never know). Money. Debit card. Keys.

I think that’s everything.

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