Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the country of capitalism. Yes, even more than America, I belong to capitalism. It is amazing to me, how much I belong to capitalism. Economic growth is good. Yes we need growth. Even if it means skinning the earth alive.

I speak the language of jobs. Let’s create jobs. Each person should have five! Who cares if there is no one to live in this house, you should build it anyway. You need a job don’t you? Forget food, water, rain, love. You remember the creation story right? On the first day God made light and on the second day, She made jobs. 

I belong to money. I belong more to money than to science than to the stars than to my friends. I think I belong more to money than to God. 

But I know a place where you can pick blackberries right off of the bush. And a beach where you can sleep unbothered. And last time I checked (which was a few months ago) the stars were still there. In case you wanted to belong to them.


  1. I grew up in the Bronx just before it burned down but shortly before that I became poor and I can tell you that the philosopher who said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger didn’t know what he was talking about. What doesn’t kill you can just leave you permanently wounded, wary and eternally uncomfortable. That isn’t strong. And money doesn’t make that go away. Ever.

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