A fight with time

In school there were always those kids that did their homework in the car on the way home. Or during passing periods. Or in class even.

Well I was not that kid.

It haunts me still. Now that I have slightly overcommitted myself. With the jobs and the writing projects. And every day I feel like I lose the fight against time. I am late to things. Dinner takes longer to make than I planned. I miss deadlines. I do not respond to texts. I see myself losing battles everywhere.

And oh, if they knew how much time I spend looking at a blank screen, a white wall, an empty bowl on the kitchen table.

I think I want to remember though, maybe for me in the future. That if this book ever gets finished and if this bike ever gets repaired the way it needs to be it happened while sleeping in too late, and spending too much time on instagram, and standing absentmindedly in the kitchen waiting for water to boil.


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