Hi meet your new basic girl

Maybe you are familiar with the term “basic” which is derived from “basic bitch” which refers to women who are, um, basic?

Look, I really am not the expert on this but I think it’s like, mani-pedi, Madewell jeans, what did I miss on the bachelor, like my hair? gee thanks, just bought it, I’ll take a frappuccino thanks. Most importantly, being called basic is not really a compliment.

Anyway, the point of this is that there’s a new “basic.” The kids told me all about it and it’s called “vsco girl” and it’s me. I am disappointed about this but, honestly, I knew it in my heart before the kids told me and now I’m coming clean. I am the new basic and the new basic is yoga pants, patagonia outerwear, I love meditating and camping! save the turtles! can I get a matcha latte?

Maybe I don’t like who I am. But, at least I know who I am. #vscogirl4evr

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