I have three working journals right now.

I think what happened was I lost one. Well, I must have lost two. Because I used to keep two journals at a time one for journaling and one for lists and notes. So I must have lost both of them which was why I started a new one. But then I found the lost ones. Or maybe I just lost the list one and decided I needed to start a new one for lists. Or I spilled coffee on one of them real bad so bad the pages stuck together for days and I decided I was over it and I wanted a new journal for a fresh start you know. Or maybe I started a new one and then I found the old one and then I lost the new one and then I found the new one. But before I started the new one I decided I couldn’t deal with having two journals for two different things you know. It was too hard to keep track of both and have to bring both with me everywhere so I decided to start a new journal with no rules and anyway lists aren’t that different from journal entries. They mark time and change and space just the same.

The point is I have three journals now and no rules.

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