To the poets

I spent a season in wonderment of composers of musicals. They have to know about so many things: writing music, the effects of different instruments, singing, choreography, storytelling. I went through a phase where I was jealous of visual artists. Because I felt like visual artists could do anything and get away with it. (Sorry […]

(Earth) resident

Today is my last day as a writer in residence in Nebraska City. I don’t want to go I love it here. I love getting up early to write. My favorite hours are the quiet ones when the light changes from grey to white. I’ve learned that at 7:40 every morning the school bus comes […]


I’ve been writing some articles and blogs recently that are a bit, idk, more professional than my usual style. And I realized, to my own disappointment, that I was tending to refer to men by their last names and women by their first names. Find all of your contradictions.

“Time is a Goon”

Recently I read a book that I really really liked: A Visit From the Goon Squad.  The characters are dynamic (and many).  The story is enthralling.  But then, it’s not too hard to find enthralling stories with dynamic characters these days. What Egan does uniquely well in Goon Squad was create a cohesive picture of one person’s life.  Egan uses the usual storytelling […]