some ideas

The moon

In the last hour of my drive from Denver to Kansas City I watched a waning gibbous moon rise in the east, yellow and huge just over my destination. A few days later, on the drive back to Denver: the reverse: the moon descended slowly through my windshield, unassuming in the still-lit blue sky. I […]


By Jean Sibelius is what I’ve been playing on the piano recently. My dad asked me why I liked it. Which was a good question I’d never thought about it before. I like the part where a fermata hovers boldly over a bar. Fermatas mean hold longer than normal–it’s at the player’s discretion. But this […]

Wokesgiving part 2

Mom: There’s a typo in your blog. Me: I have like five hundred blog posts. Sometimes I make typos. Mom: Also the first Thanksgiving wasn’t in Virginia. Me: Well we were talking about Virginia last night I don’t know. That’s not really the point of the post. Mom: But as a writer that’s your job. […]


Mom: We shouldn’t even do thanksgiving anymore. The whole story is a lie. Do you know what really happened between the settlers and the Indians in Virginia? Me: You guys are pretty woke parents. Dad: What’s woke? Mom: AOC says the term woke is over. So Thanksgiving and woke are canceled this year but the […]

Nice things

A few years ago I dropped my grandma’s watch and broke the crystal. I was sad about it then and it still disappoints me when I look at it. But hey! Maybe this can be fixed I thought the other day. I took it to the watch repair shop and the people said it might […]


In the middle of a yoga class the other day I found a piece of glitter on my foot. For a second I was confused about how it got there, but then I remembered: I made a sign for a coworker that had glitter on it and put it in my bike bag. Then next […]