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Telling a story: day 22

“All of [the transformative movements from the past] understood that the process of shifting cultural values–though somewhat ephemeral and difficult to quantify–was central to their work. And so they dreamed in public, showed humanity a better version of itself, modeled different values in their own behavior, and in the process liberated the political imagination and […]

Day 19: routine

Now that I’ve finally started sleeping properly again I have fallen into what you could call…a routine. 6:30am wake up naturally, lie in bed for 15-30 minutes7am check news7:15am brush teeth wash hands drink water meditate (lol)7:45am clean any leftover dishes from last night heat water for tea sit in windowsill8:15am eat two brownies wash […]

Day 7: lockdown

I called the yarn store in Greenpoint to see if they’re open on this last day that non-essential businesses can be open. They are. I’m going. And if when I get there I find that there is a run on yarn I’m going to be PISSED BECAUSE I KNOW Y’ALL DIDN’T START KNITTING SINCE YESTERDAY […]

Day 4 adventures in quarantine: urban foraging and navigating the American welfare system

This morning I woke up to a text from the front-of-house manager saying she was at the restaurant with my check if I wanted to swing by today. So immediately my day went from no plans to PLANS. Water, teeth brushing, pants, bike, out the door. My weather app said it wasn’t raining out but […]

Cosmic events

On Friday it broke seventy degrees outside. I left the house with a jacket on but I took it off within one block of walking. Already Walgreens was out of toilet paper and the line at the grocery store wound its way through the produce section all of the way to the front door. On […]