Spanish pop music: come on, I know you’re dying to listen…

My students have kindly introduced me to the very best of Spanish pop music.  I’ve sifted through about fifty or so of their recommendations and here are a few of my favs.  (All are strictly from Spain.)


One of the best-selling pop rock Spanish groups.  In “Son Mis Amigos” (These are My Friends) she sings about childhood friends growing up, moving away and falling out of contact.

La Oreja de Van Gogh

Epic pop-ness that would rival Katy Perry if only people in the states knew about it.  Like Amaral, I would call them one of the most popular Spanish groups of the last decade.  Check out this original video, “Cometas por el Cielo” (Comets in the Sky), and listen to it ten times on repeat while getting ready to go out.

Sangre & Joseka

This one isn’t strictly pop, but I couldn’t help myself.  Their self-described “underground rap” will suck you in.  Listen to “Para que las Chicas Bailen” (So the Girls Will Dance).

Maldita Nerea

The named is translated as damn Nerea (a Spanish girls’ name).  Among my students there was a general consensus that THIS was a Spanish group that I had to know.  I’m such a sucker for poppy-ness.

David Bisbal

If you had any stereotypes about Spanish music I plan to satisfy them here.  I’m not a huge fan of David Bisbal.  But his hair alone is reason to know him.  It’s become somewhat of a national joke in Spain.  See above.

Anything else you think I should have included?


  1. I have long been IN LOVE with that David Bisbal song & music video. It is so out of control that it is truly perfect. Also, I hope he gets the girl.

  2. Have you listened to Buleria? That’s another classic by him. I hope he gets the girl too… I mean how could you say no to that?

  3. La Oreja de Van Gogh y David Bisbal son muy reconocidos en Texas, bueno por lo menos en mi pedacito de tierra a lado de Mexico {El Paso~El Chuco}. Se que no te gusta mucho Bisbal pero ya tiene otras canciones que no son taaaan parecidas a Buleria o Ave Maria como Mi Princesa. La Oreja de Van Gogh es uno de mis grupos favoritos!!

      1. ¡Bueno y me dices que tal!…. ¿Cuánto me extrañas??…Considerando tus tantas aventuras en la madre patria…solo un poco, pero repórtate de vez en cuando porfis 🙂 y yo te seguiré leyendo.

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